Reply to Tim O.

Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 17:45:32 CDT

Sorry to learn you are "alarmed over my lack of engineering
Perhaps I did not make it as clear in my post as I should have. As I
re-read it, I see that I mentioned "considering" the coil voltage"
affect...then threw it out as being incorrect.
What part of this remark is unclear to you?

As you and everyone else knows, when a problem or event is being
evaluated, we bring to bear, all our various experiences and training
etc. Of course we must give consideration to some ideas which we
later discard after filtering through the mind.

Sometimes I do use a subject title on my mail but usually I reply to
a person directly in my title. You have my permission to "file" such
messages in any subject classification you prefer .

I am leaving for Egypt Wed. morning (consultation with Fiat Co.
factory problems) and may not be able to get/send mail because of
difficulty getting a phone line in this small town region. Will be
gone about 2-3 weeks. Anyone failing to get a reply will please
understand whats up.
Dick T.

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