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From: Jay Laifman (Jay_Laifman(at)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 10:56:30 CDT

Scott writes:
>> From my limited exposure I
>> have learned that kids get totally obsessed with collecting these things
>> to the point that its all they care or think about. If this is one of
>> those truly mind numbing obsessions kids get hooked on I want to derail
>> it now. Any fathers out their with experience and advice?

Kurt them most correctly writes:
>Yeah It's weird how kids just get obsessed about collecting things. They
>just have to have all of them even if they have no place in their garage
>store that stock Series III GT that the old lady in New Hampshire is just
>about GIVING I...uhhh...mean the new squirtle card.
> I seem to remember going through the same obsessions when I
>was a kid and I turned out OK. Well alright I turned out to be an
>car nut, but other than that I am fine.

Scott, what are you thinking? Why should those kids be any different from
adults? Actually, have you seen the craze by adults for those dang beanie
babies? The way they go at these stuffed pieces of fur, you'd think they
plan on being able to send their kids to college on the profit they are
going to make from these collections with no real intrinsic value.

One last thing, as a father of two kids (5 and 2) who has watched those
kids start from day one with no knowledge about anything, I think Barney is
a great show for them that teaches things that we take for granted.
Admittedly, it's not of much value for anyone over 3. On the other hand,
don't get me started on Teletubbies or Power Rangers or all those violent
alternatives that teach nothing.

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