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RE: Coil mounting?

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Subject: RE: Coil mounting?
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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 20:58:36 -0500
I remember working on my first car.  Everything that came off the car had to
be torn down to the last nut just to see how it worked.  Same for the coil.
It had a carbon rod down the center, a black powder cake substance filled
the tin container. Not much to look after all that work hacking it open.
Never have had much interest in opening another.  One of those "been
there...blah, blah, blah," things.

Now if we're talking transformers that's another matter.  Those big gray
cans on top of power poles in your neighborhood are with out question full
of oil.  That stuff made the best "Smoke Oil" for aerobatic airplanes.  A
beautiful thick white smoke that just hangs in the air like a cloud.   After
many years I found out it breathing that thick white smoke wasn't in my best
interest.   "But I didn't inhale!!!!


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<< In all of the Triumphs I have had since the early 80's, I only had one
coil that
 leaked oil.  It had been in the car for years, and decided it was time to
 up the ghost about two years after I got the car.  It still worked, but oil
 oozing out around the cap --  >>

You are further ahead than I am, Susan.  I have had only one Triumph for 3.6
decades (and a couple of junk parts cars).  Unfortunately, I have distorted
many engines, transmissions, and differentials.  One of our list educators
has already educated me.  I included his message.  I also recently saw an
coil sitting on one of my many shelves.  I think that I will take a hatchet
and whack it tomorrow to see what I find.  Thanks for the information.

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<< High Performance Coils" use other dielectrics, but standard automotive
 coils de.f have iol in 'em. >>

I guess I learned something today.  Mine never leaked.  I changed out
coils down through the decades, counting my street driven cars.  I have a
standard coil on the TR-3, and therefore have oil.  Thanks.

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