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Re: TR3A cooling

To: Dean Tetterton <>
Subject: Re: TR3A cooling
From: Mike Jackson <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:34:18 -0800
Mine's just like Dean's.  Minus the electric fan.  Amen to the shroud need.

Dean Tetterton wrote:

> I will tell everyone how my TR3 is set up. I have hit 210 degrees on a
> hot day at VIR but that is unusual.
> I use a stock Tr3 radiator that was recored with a modern core and no
> crank hole. The water pump bypass
> Is blocked and I use a TR6 thermostat that has no disc. Just a body to
> slow down the water. You can not fill
> The radiator all the way up. That big neck is the expansion tank. I fill
> mine until I see water about < inch deep in the neck.
> It has never pushed any into the catch bottle. If you fill the neck up
> it will push some out.
> I do use an electric fan with a manual switch. I only run it when
> sitting still. I do use it to cool down the radiator after
> A session.
> On the wide mouth cars also make sure you have a shrould around the
> sides and across the top.
> Remember guys no cheating and raising the back of the hood up or screen
> wire in place of the headlights
> Dean Tetterton

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