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Re: Front Mounting Plate-TR3/4 Engine

Subject: Re: Front Mounting Plate-TR3/4 Engine
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 08:57:39 EDT
This is good information, Tom. Even if you are in a drug induced haze.

I really like the 'happy cocktail' they give me for colonoscopies.  Something
I really look forward to.

> Joe,
> Just to give this response extra credibility b&.. I just finished with oral
> surgery, have less wisdom now than I did yesterday,  have great drugs, and
> feeling fineb&. ;>)
>   IMHO            There should be nothing wrong with building the front
> plate from aluminumb&. The cracking concerns will be with the material used
> how the welding is done.

>   I would go straight to a 6061 aluminum for the job and TIG weld with a
> ER4043 rod.  A welding shop will probably want to use a 5053 rod as it flows
> better and is easier to weld withb& it is also less resistant to cracking
> the 4043.  The end of any weld is the start of a crack, so donbt leave
> Put a fillet with a nice radius all the way around the material being added.
> If it is through fit, put the fillet on both sides.  Ends and everything.
> Donbt leave any corners etc with out the fillet & you should be fine.
>   If you have questions, talk to your local aircraft bcertifiedb welder.
> They should be able to tell you anything you need to know.  On aircraft, we
> deal with heat, stress, vibration etc in all welds that are done.  A normal
> welding shop does not deal with these types of things and will typically
> advice leaning toward easier faster welding rather than strength of the

>   Just my opinionb&. Ibm sure there are other methods that work as well,
> fire awayb&

> back to my private little world now..... they know me there..... mmmmm drugs
> are good.....

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