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Re: Front Mounting Plate-TR3/4 Engine

Subject: Re: Front Mounting Plate-TR3/4 Engine
From: TeriAnn Wakeman <>
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 09:02:37 -0700
Hugh Barber wrote:
> Geez TeriAnn, Diet? That's no fun! :^) 

I couldn't help but notice that myself.  But I've heard rumors that 
treating diabetes or undergoing bypass surgery is even less fun.

The person I share my house with weighed 300 pounds until recently and 
now takes a large handful of pills every day, has lost part of her 
sight, underwent a series of surgeries to save what is left of her 
vision and can barely feel her feet.  Scared me right into a diet and 
exercise plan.

We may joke about heavy drivers, love our comfort and our food, but 
watching the effects of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes first hand has made 
me into an activist believer.

Besides cars go faster when they are lighter.  Something about power to 
weight ratio.


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