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Re: EP @ Runnoffs

Subject: Re: EP @ Runnoffs
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:47:32 EDT
I thought we were going to have a kinder, gentler M-O?

> Amici,
>             I just woke up from the long drive home from MID/O to mid-Mich.
> The M/O paddock police don't give you much time to clean out ...GET OUT, no
> you cant leave in the morning GET OUT NOW!      I'll un-pack latter, maybe
> tomorrow.
>              I crewed for Sam & no Sam Halkias isn't on the FOT list and I've
> asked him a number of times to no avail,  maybe someday.   I wouldn't be
> racing today if it weren't for his help.  This was my week to help him.
>             Practice went well and we got to see what times were going to be
> like.  1:34 - 1:35+ were expected on the poll .  Sam came in around 9th I
> think.  Sound got him at 105db, re-did the turnout on the pipes and hoped for
> the best.
>             Lost  the #1 engine  during 2nd Qualifying , (picked up a piece 
> of
> junk in the dry sump pump) . pulled it and re-installed the #2 engine that
> night,  buttoned it up in the morning.  As I  torqued down the wheels I found
> the right axle had blew out the bearings so we did a quick change with
> another.  We didn't take the time to tear it down but expect to find dry
> bearings.
>             3rd Qualifying was primarily breaking for the engine.  Sam got a
> good time but got hung up in slow traffic.
> Personal note:  Qualifying & Practice  IS NOT A RACE.   A lot of good race
> cars were busted up in all classes by stupid drivers trying to race a faster
> car (on a slow lap)  or a pack of drivers running together  only to slow
> everyone down.
>             I don't think any of the top 10 cars did any more then 5 laps in
> either Practice or Qualifying.
> More on the race later,  The wife says I've had two cups of coffee and have
> been sitting here for an hour....."get your a$$ out there and unpack"
>                         Dave

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