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Re: [FOT] Garage question: No Triumph content

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Subject: Re: [FOT] Garage question: No Triumph content
From: "Bob Davis" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 16:38:33 -0400
I had the same problem here in Florida and forget about working after dark. 
The lights attracted every fying critter in the county. The garage is 2 car 
and is the workshop and the door is always open. My solution was to install 
a full width screen door with four panels on rollers. No more flying bugs 
and no more bug spray on the skin. It was the best $400 I ever spent.

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Subject: [FOT] Garage question: No Triumph content

> Amici,
> For those who live near swampy areas (like DC), what do y'all
> do about mosquitoes in the garage?  The blood-suckers
> are attracted to me like flies to, you know, and they eat me alive.
> I don't use Deet or apply any chemicals to my skin (except engine
> and tranny oil, but hey, its a LBC).  No A/C so I usually keep the
> door open and use a large fan to circulate the marginally cooler
> evening air
> I've thought of getting a grant for building a preciion guided
> mega-watt laser or aerial nano-bug swatters, but short of
> fantasy, I do have bat houses and encourage field swallows.
> Shane Ingate, the bane of all blood-suckers, in Maryland
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