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[Fot] TR6 Rad Fan Extension

To: <>
Subject: [Fot] TR6 Rad Fan Extension
From: "Don Carter" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:36:00 -0500
I am putting an electric radiator fan on the engine side of my new radiator
and wondered if any have had the same problem having enough clearance
between the rad and the fan mounting extension.  I have just got back from
one of Houston's best fastener places and got three sizes of fine thread 5/8
bolts that are shorter than the original machined bolt that that will also
attach the extension to the end of the crank.   I was planning to saw the
extension in half (or so), leaving just enough throat on the darn thing to
hold with a pipe wrench, whilst tightening the new bolt and washer.  Is
there an easier way that I just can't see, or will this method work?   I
believe the base of the extension needs to go back on the harmonic balancer
because of the fit it has over the crank with the two pins insuring it not
to spin while the original fan is pulling air. I've got almost no room in
front to make the electric fan a pusher due to an oil cooler.  Is
hack-sawing this thing off OK?   Does anyone make a spacer with an inside
taper to fit over the pins that will clean this mess up?  If so please let
me know because I've got a hack-saw in one hand and a computer in the other.

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