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Re: Motorsports Hall of fame

Subject: Re: Motorsports Hall of fame
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 17:40:47 -0500
Keith, List,

  You beat me to it, but I will happily second the nomination of Al Teague.
I have followed his efforts for a long time and have always been impressed
with his dedication.

> It is my opinion that the one person who truly epitomizes our character is
Al >Teague.. he is a world renown racer who on a budget has sought out a
Record and >tirelessly went after it... Limited budgets and engineering has
not stopped him >from attaining his goal.  Al Teague is in my opinion the
consummate Hot

  One more little note for all.  Please limit the text you include from
previous messages to what's necessary. 

Chuck Rothfuss
Owner, engineer, builder, mechanic, driver, & crew.
USS Wankel
Pole Cat Hollow, NC 


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