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Re: Wicked screensaver - Warning - virus carrier - the other

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Subject: Re: Wicked screensaver - Warning - virus carrier - the other
From: Chris R Harris <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 11:57:51 +1200

Your accusation has got me at a total loss. I do not have any virus's in my
computer and have had it professionally checked as well as using my up to date
Norton system.

I have only just arrived home from Bonneville having been away for over 3
weeks. I most certainly never sent any attachments out to anyone since being
home let alone any screensavers. In fact about the only out going mail I've
sent was to the list describing how Speedweek went for us.

Please explain what you received as your not even in my address book and how
this can be corrected.

Chris Harris.

  This is another current big virus.

  Emails with this Subject are carrying one of the current
  virus infections as an attachment.  Delete any with this subject,
  don't be fooled thinking this is actually a screensaver.

  In this case, it's good that the list removes attachments.


  Jim W.

  (Yesford has a bad case.)

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