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Re: Fire Bottle Plumbing Question

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Subject: Re: Fire Bottle Plumbing Question
From: "Jim Dincau" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 17:18:57 -0700
     I use aluminum because it's easy to work with except for areas where it
might get pinched,  then I use steel. I don't like the green stuff that
copper accumulates but thats just a personal problem. If you are worried
about corrosion you can get the aluminum line in bulk already annodized
blue from Summitt however it is #6AN.  It is a Russel product you might
contact them to see if they sell the #4 size.
      The fire bottle manufacturers suggest mounting the nozzles pointing
down so thay will be less likely to accumulate crud (you do blow your lines
and nozzels out frequently don't you).
Jim in Palmdale

> Ok, I now have bot the engine compartment and driver's fire bottles
> mounted. Now on to plumbing. I can get aluminum, steel, or copper tubing
> use for plumbing. Steel sounds better, however aluminum is sure easier to
> work. Copper ditto. Are there any issues to contend with here? Any
> suggestions? Also note that the preferrred manner to mount the nozzles is
> with the pipe coming in from the top: why? In other word why does it need
> hang upside down?

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