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Re: Fire Bottle Plumbing Question

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Subject: Re: Fire Bottle Plumbing Question
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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 21:28:56 -0700
Sorry, didn't say the rule book said to mount them that way. The
instructions came with a set I had purchased did though. So, I am gonna
order aluminum line, cause it is cheaper thac copper. Checked ACE and they
wanr 69 cents a foot for 1/4 inch. I can get a roll of al for 19 bucks.
Skip, you gonna be home in the morning?

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Subject: Re: Fire Bottle Plumbing Question

> Rule book sez metal lines and nozzles. I use copper.....lots of fittings
> and easy to wrk with. Aluminum could corrode but so can all the rest
> stainless (harder to form). I get my stuff at ACE. Pipe coming in from the
> top....where does the rulebook say that?
> Skip

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