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WOS standing water ??

Subject: WOS standing water ??
From: Bob B <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:28:30 -0700
Any info from regular WOS guys would be great.  I have only ever been to 
Speedweek and it has only been hot and dry and this will be my first time at 
WOS.  The report we had last Sun said there was up to 5" standing water at the 
entrance.  The forcast up to the 19 th looks pretty good so for my question.  
With the projected temps is it likely that standing water will evaporate?  Has 
there been many years with standing water?  The reason I ask is,  if it will 
likely evap I will bring my better truck and if not will bring my old blazer,  
but would rather not drive it 2500 miles if I don't have to.  thanks

Bob from Canada

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