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Re: WOS standing water ??

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Subject: Re: WOS standing water ??
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 20:28:09 -0700
Everyone froze their buns at 2000 WOS and then some really tough travel home
for some.  Then 2001 was mid 80's!  High desert country always keeps you
guessing!  Sunscreen, shorts, winter coat and ready for anything
at WOS.

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> yes, 2000  I-80 COMPLETELY closed
> across the ENTIRE state of Wyo.,  and then
> chain law in effect for many roads and highways
> even with some of the WOS with temps in 70's
> we inched our way across, when certain sections opened,
> shared a large room at holiday in Rock Springs with about
> 100 other people in same room.  and spent MANY hours
> on highway with thousands of truckers,  backed up for MILES
> and many empty gas stations

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