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Re: WOS standing water ??

To: DrMayf <>
Subject: Re: WOS standing water ??
From: Joe Amo <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 20:29:55 -0600
yes, 2000  I-80 COMPLETELY closed
across the ENTIRE state of Wyo.,  and then
chain law in effect for many roads and highways
even with some of the WOS with temps in 70's

we inched our way across, when certain sections opened,
shared a large room at holiday in Rock Springs with about
100 other people in same room.  and spent MANY hours
on highway with thousands of truckers,  backed up for MILES
and many empty gas stations

turbo fixed should bolt on by friday,  hoping to return soon,

yes I need advice, just not certain about what yet

learned then to take my best and newest vehicles to salt,
they hold up better, and provide better service in adverse

Joe :)

DrMayf wrote:

>Ain't that the truth. Snow flakes the last 2 time I been there (2000 and
>2001). Portent of things to come... Joe, you going? Have you got the turbo
>repaired? Need any advice :^}
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>Subject: Re: WOS standing water ??
>>Water at the entrance often, means little about
>>the course this time of year
>>my experience is that you should bring something
>>that you are comfortable driving through salt water this
>>time of year, even if it happened to be dry at the
>>access road now, oh and you might also want to carry
>>a snow shovel and tire chains, seriously
>>Joe :)
>>Quoting Bob B <>:
>>>Any info from regular WOS guys would be great.  I have only ever been to
>>>Speedweek and it has only been hot and dry and this will be my first
>time at
>>>WOS.  The report we had last Sun said there was up to 5" standing water
>>>the entrance.  The forcast up to the 19 th looks pretty good so for my
>>>question.  With the projected temps is it likely that standing water
>>>evaporate?  Has there been many years with standing water?  The reason I
>>>is,  if it will likely evap I will bring my better truck and if not will
>>>bring my old blazer,  but would rather not drive it 2500 miles if I
>>>have to.  thanks
>>>Bob from Canada

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