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Question 1 - tires (tyres!)

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Subject: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)
From: "Lorcan Parnell" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:12:31 +0100
Ok, I've read back through a couple of months archives and as I am grey
enough already I apologise for not reading further and would like to ask
this question (possibly for the 100th time).

I've read in the SCTA rulebook about shaved tyres for motorcycles running
above 200mph. I've run over 200mph several times on unshaved (road) tyres
and others in the UK have gone around 220mph, albeit for short distances
like a timed quarter mile with 1.5 miles run up, without a problem.

If I was to aim for, say, 240mph, would I be advised to use shaved road
tyres, or slicks (I currently use MT slicks on my dragbike)? Is a slick
better or worse than a shaved treaded tyre for high speed use?

I'm talking about running on asphalt here by the way. Think I'd better learn
to walk before I run!



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