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Re: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)

To: Russel Mack <>
Subject: Re: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)
From: Bob Denton <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:32:13 -0700
okay, Russ. You brought up a great point. Who does tire shaving? Where 
does one go to get his tires shaved?

Bob Denton

Russel Mack wrote:

>welcome from me, too.
>We beat this topic to death last year sometime.  Can't say exactly when.
>The Rulebook allows treaded tires to run up to the manufacturer's rating,
>and allows you to run faster if you shave the tread off-- the theory being
>that the most likely failure cause on lsr tires is the centrifugal force
>operating on the outer perimeter.  If you shave them, it reduces the mass in
>this critical area, so there is less force generated to pull the tire apart
>(or to break the bead loose).
>That said, I have yet to find an American "sit-on" biker who shaves his
>tires (although some use racing slicks on the fronts).  The modern Z-rated
>radials have very strong resistance to the centrifugal force, and are so
>good that most people seem to think it's not worth the effort to shave them.
>SCTA allows us to run them WAY past the manufacturer's ratings, just because
>there is nothing better available.
>I don't know of any of "street radials" failing during a run (although tire
>valves and stems have ocasionally given lsr bikers some nasty surprises--
>use steel stems & caps).
>Russ, #1226B
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>Subject: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)
>Ok, I've read back through a couple of months archives and as I am grey
>enough already I apologise for not reading further and would like to ask
>this question (possibly for the 100th time).
>I've read in the SCTA rulebook about shaved tyres for motorcycles running
>above 200mph. I've run over 200mph several times on unshaved (road) tyres
>and others in the UK have gone around 220mph, albeit for short distances
>like a timed quarter mile with 1.5 miles run up, without a problem.
>If I was to aim for, say, 240mph, would I be advised to use shaved road
>tyres, or slicks (I currently use MT slicks on my dragbike)? Is a slick
>better or worse than a shaved treaded tyre for high speed use?
>I'm talking about running on asphalt here by the way. Think I'd better learn
>to walk before I run!

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