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RE: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)

Subject: RE: Question 1 - tires (tyres!)
From: "gary baker" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 17:03:22 +1000
>it's not "tires".
>it's not "tyres".
>It's "TARS"!
hardy har har
I posted that question ( who shaves tyres on another list ) only reply was 
try a barber
project 260 turbo busa I was informed ran Michelin pilot sport HPX (shaved ) 
to over 250 mph and I think  john noonan ran the same tyres  ( unshaved ) to 
almost 250 mph  I was going to run michelin slicks  but am now going to use 
the above  as slicks dont have a zero bias belt( steel )  which is 
expressely for the purpose of stopping centrifical growth  and I think the 
Burklands spun one to over 400mph before it let go

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