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Re: RE: Rear wheel steering

To: "Landspeed Louise Ann Noeth" <>,
Subject: Re: RE: Rear wheel steering
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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 3:07:03 -0400

Im glad your an authority to tell us that. And so far that is the best way to 
do it for thrust vehicle, cause no one else has done it any anther way.


> From: "Landspeed Louise Ann Noeth" <>
> Date: 2003/09/22 Mon AM 01:33:30 EDT
> To: "land  Speed List" <>
> Subject: RE: Rear wheel steering
> rear wheel steering is a headache -- it was used on ThrustSSC out of
> necessity, not choice.
> When a driver has to input full steering lock at plus 700mph, you know there
> is a better way, but you make work what you got at the moment.
> Driver Andy Green and Mechanical Engineer Glynne Bowshere might very well
> concur and add their own reasons, but you all are trying to adapt a process
> to non-linear scenario.
> this is not the way boys and girls
> Speedy Regards,

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