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Re: F.I. Tech (part 2) more ????

To: Bill Bennett <>
Subject: Re: F.I. Tech (part 2) more ????
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 04:11:51 -0400
All the experience i have had with Lucas injectors has been very disappointing..
The atomization was nonexistent and most had what you could refer to as a pencil
beam sort of spray.

I also don't spend too much of my day in anticipation of the latest gimmick from
NOS either.. Anything that would cause the spray to impinge on anything and turn
back to liquid is a loser from what i have seen.

What I was suggesting about the injector flow bench is it is not something that
is simple to do safely. The fumes are toxic and explosive. If it is something
that someone has the resources to do reasonably safely then i say go for it. I
would think those resources would have to be fairly large tough to do the job
correctly though. To do an accurate in port model of the flow dynamics you would
need a wet flow bench though. I am sure there are many around. I know both
Holley and Bary Grant have one. I have never seen Holley's bench but i have seen
Grant's and it is huge. The room that has the support equipment to run it is
around 20X20 and full of air cylinders and high HP explosion proof electric
motors. You need to generate some pretty high airflow rates at approximately
mach .35 airspeed.
Bill Bennett wrote:
> Hey Dave,
> What about the Lucas Disc type injectors? Also have been wondering what's
> the big deal with this gimmick NOSzle Nitrous system. Seems to me it causes
> the injector to be recessed farther from the port, and the high pressure
> Nitrous would disturb or disrupt the atomizing spray from the injector. I
> think there are others that would be curious as to what is actually going on
> in the port and would like a way to see it without blowing up the shop. I
> know there are big numbers on the dyno, but is there more to be gained if I
> knew actually (visually) what was going on in the port? Show Me!
> Bill

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