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Re: Easier to read guages?

To: Bob Denton <>
Subject: Re: Easier to read guages?
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 05:14:11 -0400
Get a shift light and an oil pressure light. You would be one of the very few
that actually looked at the gauges once a run is underway. Water temp and oil
temp are nice to make sure that the engine is warmed up before you make a pass.
You can always rotate the gauges as well so that a normal reading has the
indicator pointing straight up as well then you won't be reading them anyway
just looking for the relative position of the indicator.

Bob Denton wrote:
> I am getting ready to begin setting up my dash/guages on my roadster. My
> dash is well shaded by a hard tonneau. Since my eyes are the same age as
> me, they are "older", so to speak. So, the dilema. I will spend most of
> my time in the car with my eyes looking at bright objects like North
> Carolina concrete and sky, or Utah salt and sky. What should my guages
> be to be readable? White numerals on black or black numerals on white?
> I'd really appreciate some help here.
> Bob Denton

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