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RE: Easier to read guages?

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Subject: RE: Easier to read guages?
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Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 14:19:44 -0500

My choice for guages are definitely analog mechamical types with 270 degree
dials. The choice of black/white or white/black probably doesn't matter.
Aircraft guages were traditionally white on black because the dials &
needles were lettered with either radium or luminescent paint that glowed
under an ultraviolet cockpit lamp for nighttime illumination.

It is an advantage to orient the dials so that under normal conditions all
the needles are pointed straight up. This way you can see at a glance that
everything is normal-- you don't have to take the time to actually read the
guages. Having the guage faces turned at different angles may look strange
to non-racing people, though.

Regards,  Neil

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Subject: Easier to read guages?

I am getting ready to begin setting up my dash/guages on my roadster. My 
dash is well shaded by a hard tonneau. Since my eyes are the same age as 
me, they are "older", so to speak. So, the dilema. I will spend most of 
my time in the car with my eyes looking at bright objects like North 
Carolina concrete and sky, or Utah salt and sky. What should my guages 
be to be readable? White numerals on black or black numerals on white?

I'd really appreciate some help here.

Bob Denton

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