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RE: Brake pad material removal

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Subject: RE: Brake pad material removal
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Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 11:06:23 -0500

First, make real sure your caliper pistons are fully retracted in their
bores. It is possible to remove a bit of pad material with a belt sander
but make sure you don't taper the pads. You should bed the pads into the
rotors anyway and doing that may remove just enough material to make the
clearance OK.

Regards, Neil    Tucson, AZ

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Subject: Brake pad material removal

With one of my projects I've mixed and matched a different caliper to a
different make brake rotor.
fine except with a new rotor and new brake pads they are tight. Not
locked, but rubbing far too

I need to remove about a 1/16" of brake pad material from each pad,
what's a good way to do that?


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