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Re: no speed limit

Subject: Re: no speed limit
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 12:16:04 -0500
On Nov. 30, Mike Leckstein wrote: 
"What scares me is the thought of driving to Indianapolis for 
the big MG meet next June in my TF, despite what some claim to do, my TF in 
stock form can't cruise all day beyond 60 and likes 55 a lot better. The
of 18 wheelers who now pass me at 70 , going close to 80 is terrifying! "
I am currently restoring my '48 TC with plans to drive to GOF West in Oregon
and further north to tour Western Canada with an entourage of TC's from The
TC Motoring Guild.  I must confess, Mike, that I share your concerns.  One of
my clearest memories was my first trip to Yosemite in the TC 20 years ago,
traversing the famous "grapevine" portion of I-5 with nothing in my rear view
mirror but the lower portion of a PeterBuilt radiator grill.
Bob McKarney
'48 TC
'67 B with o/d that may be going to Canada instead.

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