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Re: oil starvation

Subject: Re: oil starvation
From: (Damit Dick)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 17:44:20

On Friday, 1 December, you wrote:

>This thread is beginning to scare me. I can't believe this theory. 
>First, aren't there baffles etc. to keep the oil from splashing 
>and going to one side in the pan when going around curves? How 
>much oil is being pumped and not in the sump at any given moment 
>regardless of revs. I have no idea as to the exact figures, 
>but I would assume that only a quart or less is in the engine at 
>any one time.


First depending on the make, model, etc. there are baffles in the 
sump to prevent just such a condition. Second IMHO unless you are 
throwing your car around, i.e. racing or autocrossing, you have 
relatively little to fear unless your oil level is extremely low. 
As long as there is oil pressure indicated on the guage you are 
probably not in trouble. If you go into a hard corner and the oil 
pressure drops off then it is time to pull over and add more oil!

The best thing is to check the oil level before you take off on a 
days outing. Get to know your car and how many miles it will cover 
before being a quart low on oil. Check/add oil at the end of the 
days outing or when miles covered dictate. In between, don't worry 
about it!

Dick :>)
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PS: I've mailed Mark my contribution have you?

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