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Re: oil starvation

Subject: Re: oil starvation
From: (Scotty)
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 14:42:38 +1030
>On Friday, 1 December, you wrote:

>As long as there is oil pressure indicated on the guage you are 
>probably not in trouble. If you go into a hard corner and the oil 
>pressure drops off then it is time to pull over and add more oil!
>The best thing is to check the oil level before you take off on a 
>days outing. Get to know your car and how many miles it will cover 
>before being a quart low on oil. Check/add oil at the end of the 
>days outing or when miles covered dictate. In between, don't worry 
>about it!
>Dick :>)
>Vintage Parts & Products
>Have MG will travel
>PS: I've mailed Mark my contribution have you?

See my earlier post? About hard cornering, with low oil level, this is 
sound advice you give, which I have followed since I got first hand 
experience of the consequences of not knowing my car.I believe guys 
who compete T.C. cars in Motorkhana events add additional oil if an 
event is all or mostly hard right turns or they get the same result, 
low oil pressure, even losing the prime in the oil pump, because the
centrifugal force keeps the oil away from the pick up, anyone else out 
there know for sure?


PS: Yes I mailed a "FURRIN" contribution in US $.

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