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Re: oil starvation

Subject: Re: oil starvation
From: (Scotty)
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 13:47:06 +1030
>From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
>To: MGS <>
>Subject: Re: oil starvation
>Date: Fri, 01 Dec 95 08:20:00 PST
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>I side with Denise (and a few others) on this one.
>While driving (especially as high RPMs and around long curves) remember that 
> all of the oil stays in the sump. It's only when it all drains back into 
>the sump that the
> dipstick will register FULL. When the engine is running, the oil is 
> throughout the engine, so if you are running less than at least the ADD 
> the oil pickup tube may well not be below the level of the pick-up tube.
> Even if it is, going around a corner can slosh all of the remaining oil to 
>one side.
> Suddenly you're running dry. In my TD, I've noticed that the rocker box 
>will start
> to fill with oil pretty quickly.
>Anything short of running on FULL can cause you to pretty quickly be sucking 
>And I leave an oil spot as big as anyone's.
>Lew Palmer
>32 J2
>50 TD
>59 MGA
>Lew, my MGB uses a little oil around town but on a long trip recently I found
out that it lubricates the underside of the floor pan through the rear seal!
The loss of oil caused a real problem in the valve gear which started to make
expensive noises after some quick driving on twisty roads, I agree with you 
if the oil gets low the intake is out of the soup, and a musical but
expensive rattle is the result. I check the oil every stop on a trip now!!
John [Scotty] Scott.
Adelaide, Australia.
J2 1933, Restoring from a basket,
1979 MGB-LE [Ex. U.S.A.] Daily driver   

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