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Re: battery still on concrete

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Subject: Re: battery still on concrete
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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 09:22:00 -0800
I believe this experiment may be flawed.  A measurement of Specific Gravity 
of the electrolyte is a more accurate measurement for "state of charge". 
Unfortuately this number is a function of temperature, cell voltage is also a 
function of temperature.  Lead acid batterys also tend to self-discharge at a 
rate of about 5% per month.  Normal car batteries are not designed to 
be discharged more than 25% before damage occurs.  Deep cycle batteries are 
designed to withstand more abuse.  Car batteries are designed to be fully 
charged there whole life. Battery voltage is a poor indication of charge, 
the capacity will decrease much quicker.  The proof maybe in a couple months 
when the battery is installed in a vehicle and the key is turned.  The 
voltage will then drop instantly to nothing.  Richard  (all this worthless 
knowledge came about from my electric Spitfire conversion project)
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From: (Ed Taylor)
Subject: Re: battery still on concrete
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>Just an update, the battery is still at 13 Volts and holding.  However,
>there's no MG electrical flux field near it because the "Honey, in the 
>interests of science, I need to park my car in the garage" trick didn't
>work.  And I inspected the contents of the sewer line under the battery,
>but didn't find anything other than you'd expect.
>Here's a plot of the results so far (logarithmic voltage scale):
>13 |  --------------------------------------
>12 | '
>0  |
>    then                                 now
To Denise: Please send me a slab of your concrete, so I may install in my
battery box!!

Ed Taylor (

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