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Re: My 71 MGB's front end is higher than the rear, WHY?

Subject: Re: My 71 MGB's front end is higher than the rear, WHY?
From: (Bert Palte)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 19:26:15 GMT
>         My 1971 MGB  is lifted in the front end and I cant figure out why
>can someone please help?  Every thing looks OK I dont understand why?
>                                               Joey in FL

IMHO, the most likely cause is, that, at one time, the wrong type 
of front coil springs has been fitted.
There are, I think, three or four different types of springs. 
See the specs in the BL Workshop manual.
My 1970 car has the oldest type; the springs are (or, rather, have been, once) 
black, but they have been paintmarked blue.
This is probably also the correct type for your MGB. All later ones are longer!

(I ordered these springs once, myself, and, of course, got the wrong ones,
from a later model, paintmarked amber...) 

Then, there is the possibility that the wrong type of subframe (below the
has been fitted.
These are different for chrome bumper and rubber bumper cars.
If a RB subframe (=crossmember) has been fitted to your CB car, the front
will be lifted over about 1.5 inch.
They were actually modified for that purpose!

See Lindsay Porter's book on the MGB.
I  hope this info is of some use to you.

Bert Palte
Holland, Europe

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