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Re: bodywork or boneyard?

To: "John Hed" <>
Subject: Re: bodywork or boneyard?
From: (Russ Wilson)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 07:49:20 -0800
John Hed asked:
>I've seen pictures somewhere of people making a trailor out of the ass end of
>the same car (moss motoring, Brit Car?..) and it looked kind of cute but two
>ends back to back?  Hmmmmm.

At a MG Marque Day at Moss Motors about 5 years ago I saw and photographed
(which should eliminate the funny mushroom theory) just such a trailer made
from the hind quarters of two MGB's.  It was striking!  It was a perfect
match to the bright red chrome-bumpered B attached to it.  If you're
serious, I could probably find the negative and make you a print.

It was surprising how spacious the two boots were when joined back-to-back
and not burdened with spare tires.  Fortunately, it was not for sale as it
was also a perfect match to my bright red chrome-bumpered B....


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