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Re: bodywork or boneyard?

To: (Christopher A. Lenth)
Subject: Re: bodywork or boneyard?
From: (craig wiper)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 09:42:14 -0800
>2]  Find an early 70's B with a ~solid body but little else and transplant 
>the necessary good bits from my car.  Ballpark ideas on price and 
>availability also appreciated.

Chris, when I bought my B, it was pretty beat up. It drove fairly well, but
the more I drove it, the more I noticed lots of stuff wrong with it like
you. One day a couple of years later in the classifieds I found an advert
for a '74B (which mine was) for $200.00. I checked it out and found it was a
body full of tree limbs and dirt with the engine parts in boxes. The
odometer read 56000. The body under the dirt looked better than my car. So,
I bought it, swapped all the best parts between the cars, and now I have a
pretty decent MGB. The $200.00 plus all the time to rebuild was well worth
the effort. I learned alot too. I saved a couple of thousand dollars if not
more that I would have had to spend to get my car to the condition it is in
today. Look around, you never know what you might find.

Craig Wiper
early '74B

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