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71-B radio installation

To: "MG Digest" <>
Subject: 71-B radio installation
From: "John Hed" <>
Date: 7 Dec 1995 09:05:58 -0800
                       Subject:                               Time:8:54 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          71-B radio installation                Date:12/7/95

I have carefully restored the interior of my 71 BGT.  It had the original
radio in it (I think..  it has British Leyland on it, two post style, push in
preset buttons.  looks the period).  Anyway, it wasn't connected and the wires
were cut off about a foot from the unit.  There arn't many wires!  Only three
I think.  I also could not find the speaker anywhere.  My questions:

1.  Where was the original speaker(s) mounted?

2.  What do each of the colored wires go to?  I want to be able to bench test
it.  I can't find any wiring diagrams that show it.

3.  If it doesn't work, does anyone know of specialists in fixing old radios?

John Hed
58 MBA restorable
71 MGB-GT restored but sick

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