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Re: 71-B radio installation

Subject: Re: 71-B radio installation
From: (David Councill)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 15:17:45 -0700
>                       Subject:                               Time:8:54 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO          71-B radio installation                Date:12/7/95
>I have carefully restored the interior of my 71 BGT.  It had the original
>radio in it (I think..  it has British Leyland on it, two post style, push in
>preset buttons.  looks the period).  Anyway, it wasn't connected and the wires
>were cut off about a foot from the unit.  There arn't many wires!  Only three
>I think.  I also could not find the speaker anywhere.  My questions:
>1.  Where was the original speaker(s) mounted?

Under the dashboard, passenger side. 

>2.  What do each of the colored wires go to?  I want to be able to bench test
>it.  I can't find any wiring diagrams that show it.

I have a spare radio that worked somewhere amongst many spare parts I have
collected over the years. the original radio was marked as British Leyland.
I believe the three wires were the hot, the ground, and one wire to the
speaker (the other speaker wire was grounded somewhere on that passenger
side). I believe the hot wire is green with a pink or red line, but since I
couldn't find my old radio, the possibility of error is greater.

They are nice looking radios, AM/FM, but monophonic. I switched to a stereo
caseete model many years ago, mainly because the rural areas I drive in have
few if any radio stations.

I should mention that my visit to the garage was short. The temperature is
dropping rapidly outside as a cold front approaches. So tomorrow I am going
to drive my other car - the one with the heater. 

It may be no speed limit tomorrow but it sure will be cold in Montana -

David Councill                                 environmental chemist                               freelance writer         internet consultant

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