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Re: What engines for Sprite?

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Subject: Re: What engines for Sprite?
From: Chuck Simmers <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 09:27:56 PST
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        Take a look at a recent conversion I did to 
a '65 Midget Mk2. I used a Toyota DOHC. There is no 
V-configuration engine I know of (other than the VW 
Golf V6) that will fir between the footwells of a 
        I full description of my work is on the SOL 
tech page
        Chuck Simmers
        65 Midget Mk2/Toyota 2TG
        66 Matra M520
        92 Roadmaster
        82 Holden Commodore SLX

A member of our local Brit. car club recently bought 
a 65 A-H Sprite (similiar to MG Midget). The engine
was seized, possibly due to a jammed starter. (I wonder 
if the starter was jammed BECAUSE the engine was 
seized, but I digress.) He was wondering what engines
and/or trannies might fit. He was considering a Toyota V6 
but then another member offered him a 67 Midget parts car.
He's still considering all his options. I have two questions:
What engine/tranny transplants are a good fit in a 65 Sprite?
How similiar are a 65 Sprite and a 67 Midget?
Sorry for the bonehead questions, but I'm not a MG owner.
67 Hillman Imp Super

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Subject: What engines for Sprite?
From: "Robert L. Abernathy" <rabernat@moink.NMSU.Edu>
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