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Re: 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)

To: Jay Tilton <>
Subject: Re: 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)
From: Peter Rebbechi <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 07:44:40 +1100 (EST)
reading this post re miles/gallon seems unusual to me.  I currently own 
an 88 XJ40, and am in the process of finding a new owner for this car, SO 
When I first bought the jag, I got less than 11 mpg average.  After 3-4 
weeks, this was up to 15 mpg, and after 3 months, 19 mpg.  After 3 years, 
I can get in excess of 20 mpg around the city, and 30 on a trip.  Bear in 
mind that this is over a 2 ton car, and my driving style has been likened 
to Dale Earnhardt's.  (must tell you about taking the jag on a NASCAR 
track one day).
The point is that the car did not suddenly improve.  The driver LEARNT 
how to drive better.  In the case of the jag, with its huge mass, 
acceleration is only part of the equation.  The real gimme in fuel
economy is learning how to slow down.  by reading the traffic better, the 
real savings come in.  With its mass, you can back off the gas early, and 
the car will still accelerate, due to momentum.  It takes forever to slow 
down without the brakes.
Your driving style will dictate the economy you get much more than the 
car will.

enough.  I have made up my mind to do away with luxuries, and get either 
an MGA, or early mkII 'B', and have some fun again.  I sold the AUSCAR 
(Australian NASCAR), and miss the fun of racing.  I thought I may try 
some club racing, and since my eldest boy is now 14, start to share some 
driving with him.  He is keen about this, as I used to let him drive the 
Auscar, and he still drives the jag on holidays, vacant car parks, etc.
He wants a Lotus seven, and I sorta agree, but the weather capabilities 
of a 7 lack somewhat.

Any experiences in buying, ie what to look for etc are welcome.

regards, Merry Xmas, and a happy new year.
Peter Rebbechi

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