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Am I insane?

Subject: Am I insane?
From: (Stan Fickes)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 21:36:06 -0800
I am considering the purchase of ANOTHER MG.  But this one is special -- a
1925 M.G. Super Sports 14/28.  Does anyone know of any that have sold
recently, or the value of such a car?  It's in several large subassemblies.

On another subject, I have replaced the original disc wheels on my Sprite
with 1275 Rostyle wheels.  They add about 3/4" to the wheel width, allowing
me to use 165/70-13s, which have about the same circumference as the
145/80-13s.  Once I get the right air pressure, I expect to have some fun.
Oh yeah, anyone have an old anti-sway bar and hardware for sale?  I'd like
to upgrade to the factory bar at least.  Better than no bar at all!

The TD is still in pieces in the garage, waiting for me to finish Laura's
Chevy so I can get back to her.

Happy New Year!
Stan Fickes
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