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Re: dashpot oil

Subject: Re: dashpot oil
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 19:55:51 -0500 wrote:
> When i bought my 72 to restore it 3 years ago the PO (wont say "D" since
> he brought me back to the fold!!) gave me two bottles of dashpot oil
> which have lasted me until today when the last few drips went into the
> GT.
> Now i know its ok to use engine oil (and i have on occasion) but i like
> to use the proper stuff if possible - does anyone know of a proprietary
> brand that i might be able to pick up locally? - stops at three parts
> stores today drew blank stares  - but im resistant to the Moss price for
> the stuff!!
> mike robson
> 69 roadster
> 70 BGT
> 72 roadster

Gotta line up behind Chip on this one.  Every time I see the ad in Moss
Motors for the special "damper oil", my eyes get misty in admiration for
the marketing folks who thought that one up.  I mean, it really appeals
to you, doesn't it - use the "correct" stuff in those incredibly complex
and demanding SU carbs.....beautiful.

I can confirm, as an original MGB owner, that the only recommendation by
the factory for damper lubrication was....wait for it.....engine oil. 
Whichever viscosity you're using due to ambient temps.  

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