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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 11:12:51 EDT
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<< Bill.....not sure I ever heard the official designation of these carbs.,
 were they not built for the Triumph TR4 which was specially prepared for a
 Le Mans entry?

We have a partial winner from the MG group! Come on Jensen group!
The carbs were indeed used on the Triumph TRS which was a development of the
TR3 rather than TR4, although they did indeed look a bit more like the latter.
The engines used in those Le Mans cars were rather interesting twincam 2
litres, nicknamed 'Sabrina' because their protruberant end caps on the cams
reminded someone of an equally protruberant actress of that name. Not being a
trivia authority on early 60's British film, I can't pass judgement on the
comparison, but perhaps someone else can comment. 

I had the pleasure of :  a - helping in the rebuild of one of the cars in
                                  b - pissing the owner off by soundly beating
him in my MGA             
                                        on the race track. (The TRS was a
fairly heavy endurance

So the questions still to be answered - what was the SU designation for those
carbs, and what was one other car/engine  that they were used on (there were
two that I know of).  Hint #1 - think 4 cylinder British race cars
                Hint #2 - the same engine was used in both of the cars

So we need either the engine or one of the cars, and if you get that I'll
throw in the SU designation.
Further hints if necessary.

Bill Spohn

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