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To: WSpohn4 <>
Subject: Re: Quiz
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:49:22 -0500
WSpohn4 wrote:

> So the questions still to be answered - what was the SU designation for those
> carbs, and what was one other car/engine  that they were used on (there were
> two that I know of).  Hint #1 - think 4 cylinder British race cars
>                 Hint #2 - the same engine was used in both of the cars
> So we need either the engine or one of the cars, and if you get that I'll
> throw in the SU designation.

Well, besides the Sabrina TR motor, it was also used on the Climax 2.0 liter FPF
racing engine fitted to Lola and Cooper race cars of the early 60's. But I don't
know the SU designation of the twin-choke carb.

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