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From: WSpohn4 <>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:47:06 EDT
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<< Well, besides the Sabrina TR motor, it was also used on the Climax 2.0
liter FPF
 racing engine fitted to Lola and Cooper race cars of the early 60's. But I
 know the SU designation of the twin-choke carb.
 Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69C/GT 

A winner (mostly). And from the MG group, not the Jensen
 group!  At least he has an interesting MG, even if it has a tin roof (I have
a 69 C convertible).

The carbs were designated DU-6 (the '6' meaning 1 3/4" venturis). I was really
interested to note design elements in them that we didn't come up with in club
racing for another 15 years, such as no fluid damper, bevelled pistons, etc.
They look like Webers with dashpots - same sort of velocity stacks (I think I
still have a set somewhere).

They were indeed used on the FPF Climax, which was in turn used in a Lotus
Fornula 1 car (was it a 25? can't remember), before they converted to Webers,
and in the Cooper Monaco sports racing cars.

So there you have this week's trivia.

Bill Spohn

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