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Re: oil pressure question

Subject: Re: oil pressure question
From: Patrick Bailey <>
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 21:41:50 -0700
>   If you have high mileage, you might consider John Twist's suggestion
> that you change the connecting rod bearings every 80,000 miles. 

How hard are they to change?Can they be changed in the car or do you
have to pull the engine? Will they give you warning before they go?Would
it also be a good idea to change the oil pump too?
My b has about 89K on it but still good oil pressure  50 idle 65~70 at
3000 rpm after a good run on the freeway it is about 60 @ 3000 45 at
idle but it goes up quickly after getting off the freeway I'm using
Castrol 10W40 and a WIX filter.

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