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Re: oil pressure question

Subject: Re: oil pressure question
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 16:49:06 EDT
Hi John,
  Do you have a lot of miles on that engine?  My 75 got driven a lot on
the highway in Florida, and its pressure stayed right up there at highway
speeds. It would be lower at idle for the first few minutes after coming
off the highway, but would then return to normal idle pressure as the oil
cooled.  At that time I was using 10-30 also.
  If you have high mileage, you might consider John Twist's suggestion
that you change the connecting rod bearings every 80,000 miles.  We
recently did that on a club member's 76, a car that had a real DPO who
flogged it.  The pressure went from 10 psi at hot idle to about 35, and
to about 70 on the road. That's still not right, of course, but it will
keep the lassie from exploding the engine while she saves her pennies to
afford a proper rebuild.

On Thu, 09 Apr 1998 14:54:26 -0500 John Steczkowski <>
>I have a '75 MGB (no oil cooler, no electric cooling fan). I just 
>it a relatively long distance (55 miles at 75 mph or so) in one 
>and I noticed towards the end of that run, the temp gauge was on the
>second dot (just past the middle of the guage) but my oil pressure was
>much lower than normal, 50 psi cruising, about 15psi idling. I'm used 
>it being at about 70-75 psi at cruising speeds 25 psi or so idling. I
>have 20w50 oil in it. Do I have anything to worry about, or am I ok
>still?  I need to wait until I drive home and see if, towards the end 
>my drive (12 miles or so) if the pressure is that low.
>I am planning on an oil cooler, but I wanted to wait a month or two
>before I splurged on that, but....
>John Steczkowski
>Director, Business Systems Solutions, Central & West
>PSW Technologies, Inc.

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