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Air Pump Pains

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Subject: Air Pump Pains
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 00:41:48 -0400
Hello all,
        After taking a run home for Easter, I had some time to play with my 'B. 
got the Uni-Syn to tune the carbs to a respectable state of calibration,
though the idle was high and the mixture was off.  What does it mean when
you block the air intake partially on SU's and the idle goes up?
        My real problem might be my air pump.  After tuning the car, I shut it 
while I put my tools away (OK, it stalled.)  Anyway, when I started the car
again, my air pump made a hideous howling sound, something the likes of my
neighborhood has never heard.  What is the protocol for repair?  What
lubricants should I use, and if anybody has done this, what steps did you
take when taking the pump apart?
        I took the car out for a run down the road, but heard a strange
'thump-lurch' coming from the front pass. wheel.  After turning around, I
realized that my tire had grown a bubble on it over winter...C'est la vie!

Michael S. Lishego

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