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Re: Mark I, Now '73 B Alternator

Subject: Re: Mark I, Now '73 B Alternator
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:09:48 EDT
  Moss had the complete Lucar collection recently. I ordered a bunch and
have been replacing old ones as they fail, seemingly because of corrosion
between dissimilar metals.  A dab of vaseline or better, NoOx, will keep
the Lucars happy for a long time.

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:18:58 -0700 (PDT) Jim Carlile
<> writes:
>-jspeiser <> wrote:
>> Jim - and fellow listers  ;
>> Jim wrote about "replacing the quaint Lucar connectors"  The
>question is:
>> what's the best replacement for the originals?  I bought a TD wiring
>> harness from Moss that has no conectors - you have to figure that
>part out
>> yourself. 
>Having a '74 B, I'm not sure what the original TD connectors were. I
>have a feeling they were some kind of "bullet" variation, which is
>what most of my 74's have been replaced with.
>There are all different types of bullet connectors, but the basic idea
>is to replace the white socket-like Lucar connectors with something
>more singular and stable. I don't think your TD had Lucars, because it
>seems a more mod-like 60's thing. Your TD most likely had bullet
>connectors that were soldered to the various ends of devices and
>harnesses, but I'll leave that to the 'T' experts. I've seen some MG
>and Jag old timers totally dispense with connectors entirely, and just
>hand solder together each individual electrical connection. Some of
>these same types absolutely cringe at the idea of using modern
>crimp-type bullets connectors.
>The problem with the Lucar socket connectors is that, elegant as they
>are, the interior pins that connect together tend to rust or fall
>apart. Because more than one circuit can flow through the sockets, all
>sorts of problems can arise. After about twenty years the white
>plastic exteriors crack and rot as well, especially those under the
>dash that have gotten kicked around a bit. Also, most of the
>replacement parts now available lack the attendant Lucar ends, making
>connection to existing wiring impossible. That's why some people end
>up ripping out entirely what's left of the Lucars, and replace each
>wiring end with an individual bullet connector. I hate to replace my
>Lucars, but most of the ends just don't seem to be available any more.
>If in doubt about what to do, these cars are so easy and fun for
>experts to work on that a trip to a good old auto electrician might be
>the best bet for help. Some of those guys can do amazing things.

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