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Re: Mark I, Now '73 B Alternator

To: Dan Ray <>
Subject: Re: Mark I, Now '73 B Alternator
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 13:13:22 +0000
Dan Ray wrote:
> This is interesting, and brings up a good point. I just thought it was
> normal for me to lose voltage while idling at around 900 rpm on my old
> "dynamo". I don't have a stereo, so the only thing noticable is the blinkers
> slowing and dim lights. I also assumed it was a generator and not an
> alternator, but now that I've looked at the Haynes it seems all neg earth
> cars had alternators. Now I'm confused. It's probably the original part,
> still holding its own except for these symptoms.
> I seek the wisdom of the list...any thoughts on my (more than likely) '73
> dynamo? Replace the brushes? I did this once on my VW bug (generator), but
> I've learned my toy is a different B-reed altogether!

Clausager reckons negative earth and alternators came in in 67.  So, are you 
sure your 
car is a '73 and are you sure it has a dynamo?  Alternator powered cars also 
lights dimming and blinkers slowing at idle.  About 850 rpm is required for 
idle speeds range from 500rpm to 850rpm depending on spec and I suggest are 
usually set 
with no aditional electrical load, although I usually set mine a little higher 
to cater 
for about half the fan load.  When you turn on lights, blinkers etc the idle 
speed will 
drop a little, therefore the alternator will not be charging, therefore the 
voltage will drop from circa 14v to circa 12v, hence the dimming/slower 


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