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RE: Exhaust Systems

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Subject: RE: Exhaust Systems
From: "Unger, Larry G" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 22:31:25 -0400
> On my GT, I'm running a "home made" system which consists
> of 1 3/4" pipe from the "Y" connector (just behind where
> the two down pipes join) feeding a 13" glass pack, and
> exiting through a 2" tail pipe ... [snip]...

Hmmm .. sounds like what I've been looking for.  Who makes
the 'glass pack'?  1-3/4" is the stock 'B' diameter, right?
Is it 1-3/4" straight thru? ... or does it have both 1-3/4"
and  2" connections?  Whats the diameter of the 'glass pack'?

> There may be an inherent higher level of "noise" with tube
> type headers, simply because they do not have the mass that
> the cast iron exhaust has, which will tend to absorb quite
> a bit of exhaust noise.

Agreed ... cast iron also does a better job of absorbing heat,
so a tubular header will increase engine bay temps ... not a
good thing as high engine bay temps decrease power output.

See Post on ram air ...

Safety Fast! ...
'61 MGA 1600 MkII

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