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Re: Exhaust Systems

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Subject: Re: Exhaust Systems
From: "Robert Allen" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:15:47 -0500
>  I own a MGB-GT, <snip> I would like to add a free flow exhaust to my car,
but as
>far as I'm concerned the noise level of the original exhaust system is the
>limit of what I want to endure (I like to talk to the passenger not yell at

If you want quiet without losing a lot of power, I would suggest 2
Using 1 3/4 exhaust, you will have room for a 30 inch long, 4 inch diameter,
2" input/output glasspack underneath the car (right under your butt!) and
then have a second glasspack mounted in the conventional place in the rear.
I'm not sure how long of one will fit back there -- measure.

Running 1 3/4 pipe and 2" I/O glasspack will limit backpressure while still
attenuating the sound quiet a bit.

Make sure that the tailpipe extends to the end of the bumper and shoots
straight back. If the exit points downward, sound will bounce off the street
and back into the car. With a GT, you must be sure that the rear hatch seals
well and all the normal holes are covered in back to keep exhaust from
wafting back into the car.
This should be unoriginal and cheap. The original exhaust was cheap to make
and had a lot of backpressure. Any decent muffler shop has glasspack blanks.
Mine were $29.95 (each; installed) here in KC.

If you still think it is too loud, leave the center muffler and replace the
rear muffler with something more restrictive -- 1 3/4 diameter, even 1 1/2.
All things being equal, if you are going to cause backpressure in your
system with a more restrictive muffler, the farther the muffler is away from
the engine the less impact it will have on performance.

> I want to be able to increase my SU intake flow but, all this tells me
> that any full flow exhaust system must be louder than the original system.
> I would like to be able to keep down the noise, preserve the beautiful
> sound, retain the cast iron manifold, AND be able to take advantage of the
> increased intake flow.

Once you've got the exhaust muted, you'll discover a cacophony of sounds
coming in from the engine bay. Firewall and underhood insulation is the best
you can hope for. If you go to open air filters, you'll miss the exhaust
roar covering up the sound of the intake honk!

> And if you can arrange it, a gorgeous blond I can
> whisper to. That's all I want.

Well, to each his own, but if you're looking for a nice blonde, a good
conversationalist, a cute little butt, and a big fan of GTs, you could do a
lot worse than Mike Robson up there in Connecticut! He might even split the

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69CGT, '75TR6

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