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Re: 77-80 B Speakers

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Subject: Re: 77-80 B Speakers
From: Zach Parrish <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 20:46:49 -0500

Jason Sawyer wrote:

> >Does anyone know the largest size that will fit? 3.5 is a bit small 
> >the sound of the engine. Does anyone know how much space there is between the
> >door panel and the door itself? Thanks!

I recently replaced the speakers on my 79 B and had a few problems.  First of 
all I
believe the size is 4 or 4.5 inches.  The problem came with finding a full-range
speaker that would fit in the door.  It's not a question of how much space 
there is
between the door panel and the door, but rather between the door panel and the
window mechanism, which is about 2 inches.  There are plenty of mid-range 
that would work, but they won't give you as good a sound.  The trick is in the
grill.  Find a grill that sits out a bit from the door panel and gives you extra
room to put in a thicker speaker with a bit larger magnet.
    I also had to put new connections on the wires in the door, but thats easy
enough to do.  Although I tried, I could not find a way to keep the original 
in the door, but if you do please tell me.

Zach Parrish

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