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Re: 77-80 B Speakers

To: "Jason Sawyer" <>
Subject: Re: 77-80 B Speakers
From: "Scott McKorkle" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:38:34 -0700

My 78 B has 5.25" speakers mounted in the door.  Actually, I bought it with
5.25" holes in the door, with speaker grills, but no speakers.  I bought
some standard Pioneer 5.25" speakers and stuck them in.  I have no idea if
a previous owner enlarged the hole to accomodate the 5.25" speakers, but it
doesn't appear that anything special had to be done, other than cutting a
bit extra vinyl and fiberboard.

Good luck!
Scott McKorkle
Issaquah, WA
1978 MGB
> From: Jason Sawyer <>
> To: Zach Parrish <>
> Cc: MG List <>
> Subject: Re: 77-80 B Speakers
> Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 5:41 PM
> I don't have any speaker grills in my door panels, and I really don't
care about
> originality (I think that the door panels are reproductions anyway) I'd
at least like
> 5.25" speakers. Has anyone had any experience? What about mounting them
somewhere else?
> My B has no radio or speakers, and the local Warehouse Electronics said
that they would
> have to do "something custom" (read: wallet smashing). Anyway, if someone
is going to
> do something custom to my B, it's going to be me! I'd like to hear
something besides
> the Monza exhaust....
> Jason
> Zach Parrish wrote:
> > I recently replaced the speakers on my 79 B and had a few problems. 
First of all I
> > believe the size is 4 or 4.5 inches.  The problem came with finding a
> > speaker that would fit in the door.  It's not a question of how much
space there is
> > between the door panel and the door, but rather between the door panel
and the
> > window mechanism, which is about 2 inches.  There are plenty of
mid-range speakers
> > that would work, but they won't give you as good a sound.  The trick is
in the
> > grill.  Find a grill that sits out a bit from the door panel and gives
you extra
> > room to put in a thicker speaker with a bit larger magnet.
> >     I also had to put new connections on the wires in the door, but
thats easy
> > enough to do.  Although I tried, I could not find a way to keep the
original grills
> > in the door, but if you do please tell me.
> >
> > Zach Parrish
> --
> "If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid."  -Murphy's Laws of Combat

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